COVID-19 update    
We are still shipping, importing
and making local deliveries.
A note on our pre-arrival offerings--

The unfortunate debacle
& bankruptcy of retailer
Premier Cru has skyrocketed
our sales since many of their
disappointed buyers have
gotten their orders filled with
us. If you are part of the
creditors owed we send our
good wishes on a speedy
recovery. If we can attempt to
fulfill your order(s), we stand
by ready to try. If we are able
to do so quickly, it could
possibly help in showing that
PC was not making a good
faith attempt to locate your

We have been buying with integrity
from suppliers in Europe for the past
decade with zero issues. These
commercial & private sources have
a solid track record going back
20+ years, and most store their
wines in the underground Octavian
Vaults in England that were dug out
in the 1920's. Octavian currently
protects more than 1,000,000 cases.

We offer ONLY wines that are in
possession of our suppliers, and
we generally do not offer anything
in very small quantity as it is unlikely
to remain available when the time
comes for us to request it. There is
no "sell-then-hunt" process here.

To repeat, if the wines are not
actually part of inventory, buyers
will be notified immediately and
WILL NOT wait for us to find it.
We have delivered 100% of all
pre-arrivals, and will continue to
do so. If you desire a wine that is
not listed with us, send your wish
list and we will complete the
search BEFORE any of your
funds are committed.