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Vino Argo - Argon Expansion System

Price: $399.00

Quantity in Stock: 119
Producer Vino Argo
Country US
Item Type Argon
Sku 1267

This is a patented expansion system that allows you to connect a tank of pure Argon to your Coravin, thus avoiding the need to purchase replacement Argon capsules.  Each 9 cu/ft tank holds the equivalent of 70 Argon canisters.  The system comes filled with 1,200+ psi of Argon so you will have $700 worth of Argon for $400.  Refills thereafter are approx $40, so you're coming out well ahead at that point. This is a must for those who use their device often, or if you find yourself not using regularly due to the cost of the Argon.  

FYI- Ground Shipping is $40 to $75 depending on where it is going.  The checkout system will try to price it as a single bottle of wine, which is far too small and light to be accurate.

See more details of this expansion system in this video:


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