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Vino Argo - Argon Expansion System

Price: $399.00

Quantity in Stock: 119
Producer Vino Argo
Country US
Item Type Argon
Sku 1267

This is a patented expansion system that allows you to connect a tank of pure Argon to your Coravin, thus avoiding the need to purchase replacement Argon capsules.  Each 9 cu/ft tank holds the equivalent of 70 Argon canisters.  The system comes filled with 1,200+ psi of Argon so you will have $700 worth of Argon for $400.  Refills thereafter are approx $40, so you're coming out well ahead at that point. This is a must for those who use their device often, or if you find yourself not using regularly due to the cost of the Argon.  

FYI- Ground Shipping is $40 to $75 depending on where it is going.  The checkout system will try to price it as a single bottle of wine, which is far too small and light to be accurate. Go ahead and check out with whatever price fills the Ground shipping field and it will be revised on our end before we process it.

See more details of this expansion system in this video:


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